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Valuing Ako

Meeting the needs of learners

I am proud to be leading a team of skilled teaching practitioners who take a strength-based approach to improving outcomes for tamariki. We have a team of 33 RTLB who are able to work across our 70 schools in a variety of ways; Across schools with Ka Hui Ako, within schools at a systems level, with classroom teachers to build teacher capability or with teachers and whanau with individual students.

As the student population becomes more diverse we strive to use a Universal Design for Learning approach whereby best practices to optimize learning for all students is considered and supported.  We strive to make a sustainable difference for our schools here on the North Shore of Auckland.

Robin Bonnar

Cluster Manager

RTLB Cluster 4 are employed by the Board of Trustees of Beach Haven School. The Board of Trustees takes this role very seriously. In order to keep the Board informed about RTLB matters the Cluster Manager submits monthly reports and attends selected Board meetings throughout the year. 

As the lead school principal I have fortnightly meetings with the cluster manager and the school's executive officer. The agenda is wide ranging and covers all aspects of RTLB matters.

RTLB provide a critically important service to our community. Independent surveys show the RTLB service is highly valued by our cluster schools which is a reflection of the dedicated work of our RTLBs. As with any successful organisation, we are always open to improvement. Hence, if you have any feedback, positive or otherwise, we want to hear from you.

Stephanie Thompson

Principal of Beach Haven School - Lead School 

Child in Air Yoga

Frequently asked questions

Who can make referrals?

Schools will make the referrals to the RTLB, following consultation with the child's whanau. This is done by:

  • Identifying a specific need through discussions with the school SENCO (Special Educational Needs Coordinator)
  • Discussions with liason RTLB at regular, scheduled meetings
  • Completion of a Referrals Form
  • Sharing of any relevant data to support the referral

What does RTLB stand for?

Resource Teacher in Learning and Behaviour

What don't RTLB do?

Tasks outside the scope of RTLB practice includes:

  • Teaching a particular subject or course
  • Working as a Teacher Aide
  • Making diagnoses of disabilities (e.g. ADHD, Dyslexia)
  • Reporting on a teacher's professional abilities or competencies
  • Teaching a particular subject or course
  • Working as a teacher aide or reliever
  • Carrying out routine school duties
  • Providing a counselling, social work, or truancy service
  • Making diagnoses of disabilities (e.g. ADHD, dyslexia)
  • Reporting on a teacher’s professional abilities or competencies.

What do RTLB assist with?

RTLBs can work at a number of levels, including:

  • School-wide systems
  • Building teacher capability
  • Professional Development
  • Groups of Students
  • Individual Students
  • Across Cluster projects
  • Incredible Years Training
  • Transitioning students between educational settings

How do RTLB work?

RTLB work in a cluster or team. RTLB support schools to meet the learning and behaviour challenges of students in the cluster. They do this through: - networking - school policy development - working with kaiako/teachers to meet needs in the classroom - initiatives such as peer reading - supporting individual student needs

What underpins RTLB practice?

Inclusive Teaching Cultural Responsiveness Ecological Approach Collaboration Strengths-Based Focus Reflection Evidence Based Professionalism